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Handmade with Care

Every piece I turn comes with a bit of my creative soul. It would be my honor if one of my creations graced your home or business.

about me

My name is Leighton Kaspy. I’m the wood artist behind LK Wood Design and I’d like to introduce myself so you can get a glimpse of the story behind my art.

My journey into woodworking is a little different than most and I’d like to share it with you. Being raised in a family of non-DIYers, my parents and siblings were very not handy when it came to fixing things around the house, let alone building anything. I was pretty sure that I would travel in that direction too, but sometimes life has different ideas. When I found myself needing items for one of my first homes, I decided to get some cheap tools and try to make them. Before I knew it, I’d finished small wood cabinets, paper towel holders and quilt racks.

Surprising myself the most, I found I really enjoyed spending time working with my hands and building a variety of things. It didn’t take long before other people wanted some of the items that I made. Just like that I had a small side business. Making extra money in my free time and enjoying it was a win-win; a necessity turned into a hobby, a small business and eventually a passion.

A few years later, while browsing the aisles of a large woodworking store, I saw my first lathe. It was love at first sight. I was so captivated, I took the plunge on the spot, buying it with a basic set of wood-turning tools. I couldn’t wait to get it home and make something cool. Not as easy as it sounds though. It was very different from what I was used to. Before I ended up hurting myself and landing in the ER, I put the lathe aside and kept making my little wood items.

One day I stumbled across a video online that showed some basic steps that got me going in the right direction. Some classroom instruction led to private sessions with a few of the masters and there was no turning back. Fast forward 14 years and a series of bigger and bigger lathes, I’m now retired and do what I love full time.

I love starting with a log, being anything from native species to a variety of exotic hardwoods and see what nature has in store when her inner beauty is expressed. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to make; other times I just see where the wood takes me. Every piece I turn comes with a bit of my creative soul. It would be my honor if one of my creations graced your home or business.